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Leadership Majlis - Navigating the Future

Leadership Majlis Moderators

Aysha Ali Ahmed Abdulla Almahri

RN, MHA, MHE, FACHDM Congress President, Burjeel Holdings, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Pam King Sams

CEO and Founder,
Pam King Sams and Associates, USA

Dr. Lauren Arnold

Strategic Partnerships for Health Precision, USA

Mr. Mitchell Josephson

Leadership Majlis - Navigating the Future

The Burjeel Holdings Leadership Majlis presents the opportunity to link a diverse and persuasive think-tank network of individuals and organizations who have a proactive interest in global affairs and who value the opportunity to share, debate and develop ideas on critical national, regional & international issues in the health care sector.

The strategic dimension of this Leadership Majlis will be carried out via thought-provoking conversations and key stakeholder dialogue on their recommendations for the future of healthcare in the UAE and internationally.

The strategic dimension of the Leadership Majlis will address the following:

  • Post-covid impact on the healthcare system mainly on the health care workforce
  • Healthcare disruptors, AI and the impact on patient care
  • Data-driven care: data modelling and its accuracy in addressing the healthcare systems, mainly during disasters
  • Healthcare workforce sustainability within a global shortage, specifically in nursing.

Finally, the Leadership Majlis will address the changing tides of healthcare in the UAE and how we can encourage Emirati Youth to enter both the public and private health sectors.

This is an “Invitation Only” Event: With a room capacity of up 60 participants, this group will bring together a unique mix of CEOs, C-suite executives, policymakers, academics, and world-class healthcare thought-leaders from around the world. Participants will be invited through a careful selection process who will be notified via personal invitations. Requests to attend the Leadership Majlis will be reviewed in detail to ensure the exclusivity and seniority of participants is maintained. Please contact SCNM@burjeelholdings.com if you are interested in participating in the Leadership Majlis.

Exclusive Location: As a first-of-its-kind meeting space in Abu Dhabi, ‘The Hive’ is a unique concept where innovation and design converge to enhance the outputs of business events. It has been developed to offer a vibrant environment for meetings and events specifically designed to encourage attendee participation and in turn maximize the outputs of face-to-face engagement.

Private Format: Held under Chatham House Rules, the Burjeel Holdings Leadership Majlis will be facilitated by a seasoned moderator, hosted by an industry thought leader and promises to be a highly interactive facilitated brainstorming process to nurture ideas and solutions about the set topic and offer fresh and objective perspectives.

Branding, Recognition and Exposure: Sponsors of the Leadership Majlis will receive significant branding, recognition and exposure before, during and after the 2023 Congress This includes and is not limited to:

  • Pre-Congress: The session sponsor will receive branding and recognition on the invitations and confirmations sent to VIPs and C-level executives that have been selected to participate in the Roundtable. The sponsor will also have their alignment to the roundtable topic amplified by having their logo included on an official announcement confirming the sponsorship of the Leadership Majlis across multiple digital marketing channels such as social media, email marketing and webpages.
  • During the congress: The sponsor will have early access to the Leadership Majlis (approximately 20 minutes before) in order to familiarize themselves within the space and meet the moderator/host.
  • Post the congress: The sponsor will receive recognition on output authored by the supporting expert summarizing the Leadership Majlis discussion.

Friday 10th 

09:00- Majlis Guest arrival (invited guests only)
09:30- Roundtable discussion with moderators
12:00- MOU signing
12:30- VIP lunch

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